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iF communication design award | 2013


The "Nord Stream: “The Arrival” VIP Event 2011 in Lubmin was awarded the 2013 iF communication design award in the “corporate architecture – events” category and thus impressed experts and renowned designers from all over the world. The iF communication design award is one of the most significant international design awards. In recent years, it has established itself as a trend barometer for current trends in communication design.

Link to the project: Triad Berlin Website


EVA Award | 2012


In the “Corporate Event” category, Triad Berlin won the EVA Bronze Award with its VIP event, Nord Stream: “The Arrival” in 2011 in Lubmin. EVA stands for “Event Award”. It is awarded for outstanding marketing events and live communication activities. The aim of EVA is to award projects for successfully implementing marketing content in a way that is particularly experience-driven. EVA makes the success of such projects known to a wider audience.

Link to the project: Triad Website Berlin


BNN report on Briluxdome (Issue no. 192, 20 August 2012)

The spherical dome marquees are the highlight of Briluxdome GmbH in Baden-Baden

BNN Artikel (Ausgabe Nr. 192 vom 20. August 2012)

Baden-Baden. On first sight they may look like huge igloos, however once inside an impressive room opens up above the visitor to captivate the imagination. Tents and the aforementioned large-dimensioned dome marquees create space for special events which international corporate players and politicians have also come to appreciate: “Together with our partners we set up an impressive marquee landscape for the launch of the Baltic Sea pipeline. Six dome marquees reaching over twelve meters in height were erected. At the end of the connecting tunnel you have what looks like an over-sized gas molecule”, enthuses CEO and company founder of Ludwig Fischer in Baden-Baden. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev were also in attendance. Project partner Triad GmbH was awarded the much coveted reddot award in recognition of the outstanding design quality of the joint project.[...]

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red dot award: communication design - best of the best | 2012


Triad Berlin was awarded the reddot award: communication design – best of the best 2012 for the event “Nord Stream: The Arrival” 2011 in Lubmin. The reddot award is one of the largest and most prestigious international design competitions for outstanding design. The North Rhine-Westphalian Design Zentrum has been awarding prizes in the field of product design since 1955 and prizes in the category communication design since 1993.

Source: Triad Berlin website

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