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Welcome to Briluxdome

Briluxdome supplies dome marquees for your events and takes care of all matters logistics – from planning, assembly and tear down, through to furnishings and equipment. Whether it’s for presentations, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, road shows or trade fairs – our products can be adapted to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Did you know that...

  • Six hundred years before Christ, the Greek philosopher Plato was busy working on objects with polygonal surfaces?
  • In 1919 the first geodesic buildings were developed by Berlin-native Walther Wilhelm Johannes Bauersfeld?
  • The self-supporting dome which can be used for projection purposes was developed in Jena?
  • In 1940 R. Buckminster Fuller was responsible for the further development of geodesic dome technology?
  • In 2005 the Berlin-based company ZENDOME used work begun by Plato, Bauersfeld and Fuller to construct its own unique, creative spaces?

The result: dome marquees of various sizes and infinite diversity – with limitless potential.